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Meme Documentation is an internet meme research blog that explains the meaning behind various memes circulating Tumblr and curates notable examples of such memes for archival purposes. While its objective is comparable to other meme research collectives like Know Your Meme and Encyclopedia Dramatica, the site specifically focuses on covering viral media and memes that have originated from the microblogging community since its foundation in January 2015.


On January 1st, 2015, the Meme Documentation Tumblr[1] was launched, which initially highlighted posts celebrating the new year while referencing the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Explained: Neon Genesis Evangelion meme Neon Genesis Evangelion (NGE) refers to an apocalyptic anime. set in 2015 .Posts concerning NGE appeared at the beginning of 2015 since the anime is The meme involves making posts about NGE and its relation to the new year.

In addition to documenting and curating Tumblr-specific memes, the blog regularly engages with its readers and answers questions using the "Ask" function of the platform. As of July 2015, the blog is run by three researchers: Mod Virgo, who writes most of the explanation posts and answers most of the question, Mod Sagittarius (a.k.a Mod Sag), who occasionally contributes to meme research, and Mod Fish, a self-described expert of Pepe the Frog.

On February 11, 2016, Meme Documentation made its final post after effectively documenting as much memes as possible in the year 2015.[7] The founders of the blog linked to an audio story in the site Now Here This bidding farewell.[8] The blog returned in 2017 and documented that year's memes.


On November 28th, 2017, moderators Justin and Nick of Meme Documentation published a blog post for Tumblr's fandometrics[9] blog reviewing the memes of 2017. In the post, they announced that they would retire the blog at midnight on December 31st, 2017. For the following month, the blog updated regularly with both current Tumblr meme explanations and explanations for memes they had missed earlier in the year. On December 31st, they wrote a farewell post encouraging others to do similar work,[10] and wrote a parody of the "Do Not Fall In Love With People Like Me" poem by Caitlin Stiehl (shown below).

Do not fall in love with meme blogs like me. I will show you videos, and GIFs, and text posts, and document the memes you love, so that you can never go back to them without tasting me like blood in your mouth. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave, you will finally understand, why storms are named after people. Ancient proverb


The blog has documented the origin and spread of many notable viral 2015 phenomenon on Tumblr, while giving succinct explanations of each and archiving notable instances using the site's reblogging feature.


Breadsticks is a series of mock dinner date conversations in which a person abruptly leaves the table while stuffing complimentary breadsticks into their purse after hearing their date say something undesirable or offensive. In June 2015, Meme Documentation[2] published an explanation of the breadstick meme and began reblogging notable examples.[3]

Explained: breadstick meme . The breadstick meme typically involves a conversation that happens during a date. Although there are variations, the format of the meme is usually as follows me: (asks question) date (provides response that is deemed bad, unfortunate, problematic, etc.) me: ★grabs breadsticks/shove 3 breadsticks into purse/etc .★ I gotta go. .The inspiration for this meme appears to be a post about leaving the date while grabbing breadsticks after the date revealed themself to be a Gemini. (This, incidentally, is another meme-the Gemini hate meme.) Although the aforementioned post was posted 26 May 2015, such posts referencing breadsticks did not become a widespread meme until July 2015.


Sneople, a portmanteau of the words “snake” and “people”, refers to a race of reptilian humanoids mentioned in an episode of the animated television series Steven Universe. In April 2015, the term was popularized on Tumblr along with other portmanteaus, including “snurch” (snake + church), sneeple (snail + people) and sneme (snail + meme). On April 22nd, Meme Documentation published a post titled “Explained: sneme,” which described the origins of the “sneople” and “sneeple” portmanteaus (shown below).[4]

Explained: sneme involves replacing the beginning of a word with sn and then clarifying the meaning-e.g. snurch (snail church) one: one is snake meme, the other snail meme. character Ronaldo states, "Snake people, or sneople, control our government e The snake meme has its origins in Steven Universe. In one episode, the at the highest level." . On the other hand, there is sneme (snail meme), which seems to have come from "take me to snurch (snail church)". This appears to be a play on Hozier's Take Me To Church".

"We Get It, You Smoke Weed"

We Get It, You Smoke Weed is an expression used to mock those who outwardly identify themselves as stoners by sporting cannabis-patterned clothes and accessories. On Tumblr and Twitter, the phrase is usually prefaced by the remark “I hate people who dress like this…” and accompanied by various images of people or fictional characters dressed in green for ironic humor. On June 16th, Meme Documentation[6] published an explanation of the meme’s recent popularity on Tumblr and Twitter (shown below).

Explained: I hate people who dress like this... we get it you smoke weed "I hate people who dress like this... we get it you smoke weed" is the basis for a meme in which the phrase "l hate people who dress like this.. we get it you smoke weed" is presented before a picture of a person or character dressed in green . This meme seems to have first become popular on Twitter before making its way to Tumblr The tweet that seems to have served as the inspiration for many of these posts is one by @neptunecutie in which the phrase was presented before a picture of the Queen Elizabeth Il dressed in green. The humorous nature of this meme seems to come from the absurdity of claiming someone smokes weed simply because of their green attire while the meme also serves as a means to joke about weed culture

Yarn Man

Yarn Man is the nickname for Coldwood Interactive creative director Martin Sahlin, who was widely celebrated on Tumblr following his presentation for the game "Unravel": at the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June 2015. On June 15th, Meme Documentation[5] posted an explanation of Sahlin's recent popularity on the site (shown below).

Explained: Unravel meme Martin Sahlin is the creative director of the group behind Unravel, a video game about a figure made of yarn that unravels as it progresses. The game has generally been noted for its cuteness. Sahlin gave a presentation about the game at EA's Press Conference at E3. . In his presentation, Sahlin brought his model of the figure made of yarn named Yarnie. .Though he appeared nervous in his presentation (as could be seen by his shaking hands), many have adored him in spite of-or, perhaps, because of-his nervousness .A meme has emerged from this in which users create posts about Martin Sahlin and a fandom of sorts has developed around him.

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