Christopher Lee as Count Dooku in Star Wars giving his signature look of superiority.

Signature Look of Superiority

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Signature Look of Superiority refers to an image of the character Count Dooku from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith next to text reading, "Signature look of superiority" referring to his facial expression. The image is taken from the 2005 book Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith: The Visual Dictionary.


On April 2nd, 2005, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith: The Visual Dictionary, a guidebook giving further context to characters, locations, and events in the film, was published through DK Publishing.[1] The entry in the book for Count Dooku includes a ling of text reading "signature look of superiority" next to his head, as well as a line pointing to his face (shown below).

Count Dooku Signature look of superiority- Costly han tunic was I HE TITLE OF COUNT has no real meaning to Dooku, the former Jedi. It is simply the name of the political leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which itself is nothing more than a fabrication, conceived by Darth Sidious as part of his plan to topple the Jedi Order and reinstate the Sith. For more than a decade now, “Dooku" has thought of himself as Darth Tyranus, apprentice to Sidious and destined to sit at his left hand as joint master of the galaxy. on Vjun A shackled Palpatine watches Dooku and Anakin duel aboard the Separatist flagship. In fact, the abduction is an elaborate ruse, engineered to ensnare Anakin and test him to determine whether he can be turned to the dark side. Dooku's Jedi and Sith pasts meet as Anakin scissors two lightsabers at his neck. Too late, Dooku realizes Anakin is more powerful than he could have imagined. Easily Replaceable Blade-emitter guard Sidious had promised to intervene in the duel, in the unlikely event that Anakin gained the upper hand. But intervention, too, was never part of the real plan. Blinded by pride, Dooku has failed to grasp that, like Darth Maul before him, he is little more than a placeholder for the apprentice Sidious has sought from the beginning: Skywalker himself. Magnetic adhesion plate DOOKU'S LIGHTSABER DATA FILE Dooku's turn to the dark side began with the murder of Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas, his former friend and confidant in the Order. Assuming control of the plans Sifo-Dyas had set in motion to create a clone army for the Republic, Dooku saw to it that all mention of the Dres of ra leat planet Kamino was erased from Jedi Archives.


On April 17th, 2016, an anonymous user posted a close-up photo of Dooku from the visual dictionary, including the text, to 4chan's /tg/ board,[2] writing "Dooku is best sith" (shown below, left). This is the earliest known upload of the image to the web. On July 19th of the same year, an anonymous user uploaded another photograph of the page to ME.ME[5] labeled "me irl," garnering over 200 views in roughly 4 years (shown below, right).

Signature look of superiority- Signature look of superiority Costly hand-woven tunic was made on Vjun e former ng more nis nore me irl

On January 6th, 2017 an anonymous 4chan[3] user posted a reaction image featuring a painting of classical musician Bach attached to an edited version of the "signature look of superiority" text (shown below, left). On February 1st, a similar meme was posted to ME.ME,[4] replacing the image of Bach with another character and adding the word "slows" to the end (shown below, right).

Signature look of superiority to plebs Signature look of superiority to slows

The meme grew significantly in popularity over the next few years, particularly on Reddit boards like /r/PrequelMemes. On April 25th, 2019, /u/TheDarthKnightBegins posted an image macro referencing "Instagram" to /r/PrequelMemes,[6] garnering over 8,700 upvotes in just under 2 years (shown below, left).

On February 20th, 2020, /u/arbyxelite posted another image macro featuring the image to /r/PrequelMemes,[7] garnering over 29,200 upvotes in just under a year (shown below, right).

When you see everyone around you using Instagram Signature look of superiority former y more re people who let the microwave beep Signature look of superiority people who take their food out at 0:01 ormer more

The phrase "signature look of superiority" started to take on life outside of the Count Dooku image as variants of it grew in popularity. In early 2021, the phrase became a popular post title on Reddit, associated with several high-interaction posts that don't have anything to do with Star Wars.[8][9][10]

On January 29th, 2021, /u/Due_Pie5896 posted a meme using the Dooku image to /r/PrequelMemes,[11] garnering over 33,800 upvotes in 3 days (shown below).

8 year old me after saying "present" instead of "here" at roll call Signature look of superiority. made with mematic

Various Examples

When you're the first one in your friend group to have minecraft earth Signature look of superiority former gmore re Me when I beat the pod race level on my first try Signature look of superiority. former g more re Signature look of superiority. Costly hand-woven tunic was made in the Soul Society. : former ng more is iore When you remake a well known meme template using your old Legos Signature look of Superiority when you get the highest score out of everyone in the class even though you got a 60 Signature look of superiority. former more 5 yo me after saying "no we can't" to the Bob the Builder theme song Signature look of superiority former | more re

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