Still Think It's Harmless?

Still Think It's Harmless?

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Still Think It's Harmless?, also known as Still Think It's Cool?, is a phrasal template parodying anti-drug campaigns, which is typically used to caption images depicting obviously false or exaggerated side effects of cannabis. Additionally, the format often includes humorous names for marijuana such as "jazz cabbage" or "devil's lettuce."


In September 2010, Purdue University Student Wellness Office posted an image on their website claiming that marijuana was the "most common illegal drug in fatally-injured drivers," along with the caption "still think it's harmless?" (shown below, left).[1][2]

The most common illegal drug in fatally-injured drivers. STILL THINK IT'S HARMLESS? Funded by the Coalition for a Safe&Drug-Free Tippecanoe County For more information: Student Wellness office. Purdue University 494-WELL

On April 20th, 2011, CollegeHumor[3] published a series of mock anti-marijuana public service announcement images, which featured various jokes about the effects of marijuana followed by the slogan "Marijuana. Harmless?" (shown below).


On June 23rd, 2016, Redditor Ocean_turtle submitted a parody anti-marijuana image titled "Still think marijuana is harmless?" to /r/trees[4] (shown below).

Still think marijuana is harmless? THC was first synthesized by the Nazis Marijuana Induced Starvation 0486 HOURSa Will KILL 145% of 1 for use in lstheamountoftimeatokerwilspendshootingupthis Weedaddicts Chemical Wartare A Saill id in Miwaukee d r 2013 FIgh MH7 as SHOT DOWN by Cannabanoid 'foint siope ithis sndwichin 2010 wohemp heads an hir bong keHypermesis Within 10 minutes he experienced TOTAL ORGAN FAILURE Syndrome Costs the US 215 Million a year

On August 11th, the Zesty Supreme Facebook[6] page posted a picture of the X-Men character Magneto next to a picture of the singer Vitas along with the caption "This is Magneto after 1 marijuana. Still think taking a little puff is harmless?" (shown below, left). On December 7th, Instagram[4] user drgrayfangposted a picture of Amy Schumer next to Dog the Bounty Hunter with the caption "Still think marijuana isn't harmful?" (shown below, right). Within eight months, the post gathered upwards of 9,900 likes.

this is magneto after 1 marijuana u still think taking a little puff is harmless? u disgust me Still think marijuana isn't harmful? BEFORE AFTER OFF

Anntenshone: Don't Think Marajuano Is a Bad Drug

Anntenshone: Don't Think Marajuano Is a Bad Drug refers to a series of photoshopped absurd anti-drug memes, which purposely misspells the phrase "Attention: Don't think marijuana is a bad drug?" The meme follows the phrase with a photograph of a cultural artifact juxtaposed against a distorted version of the artifact.

The earliest known version of the meme was posted by Instagram [7] user @crankeduptoelevent on November 25th, 2016. The post features characters from the children's television series VeggieTales before and after consuming cannabis. The post received more than 70 likes in less than two years (shown below).

Two days later, the image was shared on the /r/dankmemes subreddit by Redditor xDankMemes.[8] The post received more than 880 points (99% upvoted) in two years. Additionally, the Facebook [9] account Crippling Things shared the image, and it received more than 12,000 reactions, 2,900 comments and 8,600 shares in two years.

ATTENSHONE Dont think marajuano is bad drug? 0 smoaks Happy vegetals ANGEREY vegetals Think again

Over the next two years, variations of the meme continued to be posted. On July 20th, 2017, Redditor[10] DiggurDig posted a version featuring the "melted duck" meme. The post received more than 2,300 points (94% upvoted) in less than two years (shown below, left). During this time, people began posting the meme with various other internet- and pop cultural-specific jokes, trends and memes (examples below, center and right).

ATTENSHONE Dont think marajuano is bad drug? 0 smoaks smoakes happey ducc ANGERY Dulk Think again. ATTENSHONE Dont think Nerfing is bad drug? 0 Nerfs 3 Nerfs Happy Mortis ANGERY Mortis Think again ATTENSHONE Dont think marajuano is bad drug? 0 smoaks 3 smoakes

Various Examples

This is E.T. before and after eating one marijuana. Still think puffing a little jazz cabbage is harmless? 0 This is Christopher Walken after 1 marijuana. You still think 1 little puff is harmless? You disgust me This is Bob Ross after ONE marijuana...still think puffin a little jazz cabbage is safe? This is Benadryl Cabbagepatch after doing one marijuana. Still think it's not harmful? 10 Happy 4/20, but beware. This is a doggo after only one marijuana injection. Stay safe for the kids 0 This is Natalie Imbruglia after doing just one marijuana. Still think it's no big deal? E MIDDLE IE IMBRUGLIA

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in reply to the world's best potato

Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug. So, logically, not only is it most common in traffic fatalities, but it'd be most common in most demographics.

Marijuana: the most common illegal drug in college graduates.
Marijuana: the most common illegal drug in tech billionaires.
Marijuana: the most common illegal drug in first responders.
Marijuana: the most common illegal drug in best-selling authors.

It's really a good example of how true facts can be used to generate utter bullshit.


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