Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death

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Blue Screen of Death is a KnowYourMeme user obsessed with My Little Pony, more specifically the clop it generates. He has no interest in the show besides which ships sail from it, and is the most widely shipped user on KYM. If he sees you, he will most likely want to bed you, and will use his hypnotic seduction prowess to put you at ease. He likes snuggles. He likes the D. He likes the V. There's almost nothing he doesn't like.


It's unsure when (or why) Blue Screen appeared on KnowYourMeme, but as soon as he did, he was destined to become KYM's #1 Manwhore. As such he has been shipped with various and numerous KnowYourMeme users, including Fifths, Disturbed B, Platus, Randomman, markhaox14, and Particle Mare (which have been documented). Blue Screen has also modded his profile times before when the coding still allowed him, decorated with a Star Craft background. Jealous, many users complained of the custom profiles, and site admins removed the feature. Distraught, Blue Screen seeked fulfillment in his KnowYourMeme account. To gain it, he has used seduction and his avatar to warrant the admiration of many users, most centrally around the Pony General. With this huge following, he garnered a moderator status and has since used such to promote the banhammer and the removal of spambots in the dusk (daytime for him because all other mods are asleep). Recently, he spends his time listening to electronic music (don't try to classify it, he'll go into a huge debate over what it really is), vectoring his art and others (because everyone else either doesn't know how to do it or doesn't want to), lurking Pony General, and meeting with his cult (referred to him as Saiba) for orgies.

This expression is still entirely warranted Not even the Pacific Ocean can separate us from our love n.

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