My Little Fortress 2 / Pony Fortress 2

My Little Fortress 2 / Pony Fortress 2

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My Little Fortress 2 is a mix between the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and the video game Team Fortress 2 where the classes have been replace with certain characteristics such as speed, power and personality.


The start of the mods is unknown but the use of the mods have expanded into full use of all voice responces, character models, music / sound effects, maps and textures.
Tons of videos have been uploaded to show the difference used within the original to the mods.

A website has dedicated with the mods of the game and can all be found here:

The character were based of the following characteristics

Scout / Rainbow Dash:

Both characters are fast and have attitude.

Solider / Spike:

Physical strength.

Pyro / Pinkie Pie:

Both tend to bake things

Demoman / Zecora:

Both from an African decent.

Heavy / Big Mac:

Powerful, both lacking intellect, Size and Weight

Engineer / Applejack:

Both southern and calm

Medic / Fluttershy:

Both weak, not exactly strong

Sniper / Twilight Sparkle:

Intelligence and nature.

Spy / Rarity:

Use of stylishness, formal use of clothes / looks

Team Fortress 2 Dubs in My Little Pony

The show was then used within certain scenes of My Little Pony replacing the voice with the Team Fortress 2 character correctly what the pony is originally saying or just adding voice commands to match the scene.

Correct Voice Dubbing

Sound Effects Voice Dubbing

The use of dubbing songs started with "Heavy's Singing Dispenser" and was uploaded on Jun 23, 2011 and got 27,866 views

The dubbed song "Sandvich" received tons of views nearly reaching over 4 million when re-animated by Zeurel

My Little Pony Dubs for "Meet the" Videos

Same as the My Little Pony dubs but use with scenes of My Little Pony with the sound files of Team Fortress 2 "Meet the" Videos

Relationships with each other


Videos mainly Gmod have shown two different perspectives of what each of the Team Fortress 2 characters think about ponies. Mainly have been videos of converting to like ponies while other show characters liking it at the beginning while some show a complete hat to the show (but end up mainly on the moon)

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