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The Jig

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The Jig refers to a picture of a man enthusiastically dancing at a formal event. After first appearing online in 2005 and being used in demotivational posters and other jokes, it saw little spread until the beginning of 2019, when it became a popular reaction image.


On October 25th, 2005, LiveJournal [1] user wunder_bar edited an image of a dancing man in a blue shirt into a photograph of an older man dressed in a white shirt excitedly dancing at a party (shown below, left and right). The edited photograph was a submission for a photoshop contest.

О Wunder bаr Давай, батя, порвем весь зал!


On October 27th, 2005, the image was posted on Yaplakal forum.[2]

In the following years, the image saw some use in memes as an exploitable and demotivational poster. For example, a demotivational edit appeared on Photobucket user Nafka2007's page[3] (shown below, left). On December 18th, 2007, an exploitable photoshopped edit appeared in Yaplakal[4] (shown below, right).

proudly hostedon Photobue USE ME... W-- are you doing? О Мшnder bаr ПОРЕЖЕМ Давай, батя, порост весь зал!

The image did not see significant use outside until 2019, when it regained popularity as a reaction image. On March 18th, 2019, a deleted Reddit user posted it as a reaction image with the Deaf People Reacting to Subtitles meme, in /r/dankmemes,[5] gaining over 69,000 points. This soon led to the creation of other memes using the image. For example, on June 9th, Imgur user GringoireGirl posted an example that gained over 1,200 views (shown below, right).

captions:>J deaf people: A princess: *starts singing* All the nearby birds and squirrels:

Various Examples

Tobacco causes cancer Alcohol causes dancer f/Sadcasm SADCASM / Indian Guy: *Blows into stick* Snakes: Thomas Edison: *Invents light bulb* Moths in 1879: Me: drops food and picks it up 5.0000000000001 seconds later Bacteria: Indian Snake Charmer: *plays flute The Tapeworm inside my a------: Fed team when the Nexus is open but doesn't wanna end it. X

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