The Minecraft Bee Is Trans

The Minecraft Bee Is Trans

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The Minecraft Bee Is Trans refers to a parody fan theory that the Minecraft Bee which was released in the August 22nd, 2019 Minecraft update is transgender. After the user who posted the theory on Twitter blocked anyone who replied to them with "how?", other Twitter and Reddit users got in on the joke by insisting the Minecraft bee was transgender and various other sexualities and genders. The format saw further spread as X Is Trans snowclone.


On August 23rd, 2019, Twitter user @Ezramouse, now deleted, posted "The Minecraft Bee is trans." Twitter user @wormscrazygolf[1] tweeted "how," kicking off a surge in people replying to the original tweet saying "how." @Ezramouse then blocked @wormscrazygolf, changed their account name, and locked it.

The clutterfox@Ezramouse 1d The Minecraft bee is trans 1 e @WormsCrazyGolf Replying to @Ezramouse how 12:00 AM 23 Aug 19 Twitter for Android


Bees and Minecraft were independently memes in the trans community prior to the release of Minecraft Bees. This is in part to Minecraft fans disowning creator Notch for various anti-trans comments.[5] Bees are the subject of the subreddit /r/TraaButOnlyBees,[6] a takeoff on the /r/traaaaannsss transgender shitposting subreddit.


After @wormscrazygolf tweeted the interaction, gaining over 16,000 retweets and 80,000 likes,[2] other Twitter users began to jump in on the joke, insisting that the Minecraft bee is transgender without providing evidence as a means of trolling. A different user took the handle @Ezramouse[3] and began tweeting and retweeting jokes about the bee being trans or various other identities. For example, Twitter user @Cooltastic made a joke that the bee is Muslim and photoshopped an image of it going on Haj, gaining over 460 retweets (shown below, left). User @Sheepology photoshopped the bees in front of the LGBT and Trans community flags, joking that they were dating, gaining over 200 retweets (shown below, right).

Cooltastic @Cooltastic You have seen the Minecraft Bee become Transgender. You have seen the Minecraft Bee become Pansexual But have you seen the Minecraft Bee pay salvation of Allah by visiting the Glorious Holy palace of Kaaba? ürmk 2:53 PM Aug 25, 2019 Twitter for Android cure sheepie @sheepology omg look! the minecraft bees are gay and trans and theyre dating! 3:05 PM Aug 26, 2019 Twitter Web App

The jokes led to /r/TraaButOnlyBees, a takeoff on the /r/traaaaannsss subreddit, seeing several posts about the Minecraft bees. User woodstock1aj made a "lesbian bee," gaining over 200 points (shown below, left). The same user made a trans-flag colored bee, gaining over 380 points (shown below, right). The jokes were covered by Daily Dot.[4]


HOW refers to a textual reaction commonly used to express a high degree of incredulity. Originally used as a part of Illegal Minecraft Building Techniques memes in early 2019, in August 2019 the meme received negative undertones on Twitter after being used as a response to Minecraft Bee Is Trans arguments and trans-related posts in general.

Various Examples

Norah @pantiedropper34 "Ahahaha liberals are so easily triggered" *posts retextured Minecraft bee to have trans flag* "NO THE BEE IS NOT TRANS W-- THEY ALWAYS DO THIS AND TRY TO SHOVE THEIR SEXUALITY IN OUR FACES" 2:25 PM Aug 25, 2019 Twitter for iPhone Minecraft Вее says BZZZZZZ! Minecraft bee does not understand the concept of transgender rights or social reform. Minecraft bee is a virtual animal, you troglodytes. Cassie @birdlegscass Miku herself said that all Minecraft mobs have no gender. They are nonbinary. Not only are the bees trans, every single mob is trans 7:00 PM Aug 26, 2019 Twitter for Android 4 . Kane Stasey @NikoTheSlayer I absolutely love the idea of Minecraft trans bees, gay bees etc. Especially since nothing in Minecraft has a gender. NOT SARCASM. I actually think it's really cool 9:23 PM Aug 25, 2019 Twitter for Android KRANS thaoslikespie RIGHT

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