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Troll Dad is series of web-comics depicting a father asking his son or daughter a question and setting them up to make a stupid pun or lame joke. Upon realizing that he/she has been trolled, the child goes into rage mode.


Google search queries for "troll dad" began to surge some time around July 2009. The earliest uses of troll dad can be traced to Reddit[1] circa June 2010.


TrollDad has spead to sites such as Reddit[2], MemeBase[3], MemeGenerator[4] and FunnyJunk[5]. There's also a single topic blog called Troll Dad[6].


Troll dad has mainly been used as way to tell stories about the authors life or past experience with their trolling dads. It has also been use in "You Laugh You Lose" threads or other discussions of similar nature. The face of the dad is usually depicted as Troll Face / Cool Face. The Rage Guy reaction face is usually the most common face used for the son or daughter make after he or she has just been trolled. The basic break down usually goes like:

statement answer* unjustified rage horrible pun

First Pane: Son appears
Second Pane: Question
Third Pane: Pun / Bad Joke
Fourth Pane: Troll Dad dancing and Rage Guy FUUUUU / Super FUUUU & Raisins

Notable Examples

Hey Dad can you get me some Toilet Paper? Sitting on Toilet One piece of toilet paper under the door Sure son WHY?! の Son, I'm hungry please go get us dinner? . Will you I'il eat anything. What sounds good to you? Sure What do you want? How about some tacos? I don't want any f------ tacos I don't want a f------ cheeseburger either. . . Uhh..ok. How about a cheeseburger then? "'LL EAT ANYTHING." The family. FUU Good day, family! JUUU FFUU JUUU F--- this s---

Here Son have some orange juice grrrr brushing my teeth hanks Dad! uybU HHHDHH [On Phone] You don't say.. Oh really? You don't say He didn't say↓ Who was that dad? I don't know.. . Well they've been in storage for a year, so you have to shake them to get the electrons moving again! Putting up x-mas lights Hey Dad, some of these lights aren't working It's not a hose, you can't just unkink a circuit... PROBLEM?

Hey son, mind 1f 1 christen the room? Ah, just moved into my new dorn and it is a nice time to relax even though my parents are still here. christen?. . what. OUu UOUU Hey dad, what is the difference etween confident and confidential? You are my son, I'm confident about that friend me Your friend over there is also my son. That's confidential. My date for the promWlsS stood me up, dad Well I quess no airl will ever love you. Ever. Promblem? LAY FFFFF

Dad, the hot chick from the other class gave m number! Have to hurry up while I remember it, so I carn put it on the phone! I've been saying it out loud all the way from school. e her 57 8342331-578342 33 1-5 8342331 57 83 4 2 33 1 5 Nice work, son! I lost the count! 0 Learning to swim at le pool. Almost there son! Swim to me herp! Just a little further! Son,it's time you get haircut now. I take you to Supercuts HA So how do you want me to cut your hair? Yeah I wan- Give him bowl-cut^

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