Tylko Jedno W Głowie Mam / Polish Cow

Tylko Jedno W Głowie Mam / Polish Cow

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Tylko Jedno W Głowie Mam are the opening lyrics of the song "Gdzie jest biały węgorz ? (Zejście)" by Polish musical artist Cyprian "Cypis" Racicki. The song exploded in popularity in July 2020 after it was included in various dancing videos, most notably a dancing cow dubbed Polish Cow.


On October 19th, 2015, Polish artist Cypis published a song called "Gdzie jest biały węgorz ? (Zejście)" to YouTube (shown below). In under five years, it has received over ten million views and 160,000 likes.[1] The video gained over 3.2 million views from August 11th to the 27th.[14]

Original Translation
Tylko jedno w głowie mam _______ There's only one thing on my mind
koksu pięć gram odlecieć sam five grams of coke, fly away alone
W krainę zapomnienia to the land of nevermore
W głowie myśli mam There are thoughts inside my head
kiedy skończy się ten stan when this state will end
Gdy już nie będę sam When I won't be alone
Bo wjedzie biały węgorz /x2 [2] Cause white eel* will kick in /x2

*White eel is a Polish slang term for cocaine, a common motif in Cypis's songs.


How the song spread is unclear, but a number of dancing videos set to it began appearing in mid-July 2020. On July 13th, 2020, a one hour loop of a cow dancing to the song's opening was uploaded by user Dejman, gaining over 100,000 views in under a month (shown below, left).[3] On the same day, a dancing triangle video with a loop of the opening of the song was uploaded by user chomik13, garnering over 460,000 views in the same period (shown below, right).[4]

A July 16th one hour version of the cow dancing to the first three lines of the song was uploaded by FOXUNE, gaining more than 1.7 million views in under a month (shown below).[5]

On July 22nd, YouTube user 121212ad uploaded a demotivational tunnel video with the song featuring a GIF of a dinosaur and frog dancing (shown below, left).[6] The video was re-uploaded to TikTok by siemqatukopi on July 26th, where it garnered over 410,000 views and 82,000 likes in two weeks.[7] On July 25th, a Polish-language Peppa Pig grown-up music parody was posted to YouTube by bartix271 that received over 110,000 views in a similar period (shown below, right).[8]

On July 28th, Cypis acknowledged the song's increase in popularity by posting an Instagram video featuring a boy dancing to the song [9] On July 31st, Cypis uploaded a remix of Gdzie jest biały węgorz ? to his YouTube channel that gained over 600,000 views in under two weeks (shown below).[10]

On August 8th, Polish YouTuber Tomasz "Gimper" Działowy talked about the song in a video titled with its opening lyrics, receiving over 600,000 views in three days (shown below, left).[11] Polish YouTuber REMBOL reacted to and mentioned the song numerous times in an August 9th video. In two days, it garnered over 70,000 views (shown below, right).[12]


On TikTok, the hashtag #tylkojednowgłowiemam has over 1.2 million views as of August 11th, 2020.[13]

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