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Peppa Pig is a British animated television series starring an anthropomorphic female pig named Peppa, her pig family and her friends of various different animal species.


On May 31st, 2004, the first Peppa Pig episode premiered on Britain's Channel 5. On August 22nd, 2005, the American version of the show premiered on Cartoon Network's preschool television programming block. As of April 2017, a total of four seasons containing 52 episodes each, along with two additional special episodes, have been released.\

Online Presence

In September 2014, the Peppa Pig Wiki[4] was created, garnering upwards of 3,300 pages over the next several years. On January 4th, 2015, YouTuber Two Beardy Dorks uploaded a Peppa Pig-themed Thug Life video (shown below, left). On July 22nd, 2016, YouTube Jeff MyName uploaded a "montage parody": featuring Peppa Pig footage (shown below, right).

Peppa Pig's "My First Album"

On July 15th, 2019, Peppa Pig's Twitter account announced that "Peppa Pig My First Album" will be available to stream on July 19th (shown below). The tweet gained over 16,500 likes in four days.

The next day, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea[6] retweeted Peppa Pig saying, "It’s over for me now" as her own album was due to be released on the same day (shown below, left). The tweet garnered 62,200 likes and 11,800 retweets in three days. Peppa Pig[7] responded that day with a GIF of Peppa Pig playing dress up and quoting Iggy Azalea's lyrics (shown below, center). The tweet gained over 7,600 likes in three days. Finally, Iggy Azalea[8] responded by tweeting, "Collab with me now or you’ll end up a breakfast special peppa" (shown below, right). The tweet accumulated over 77,100 likes and 14,400 retweets.

IGGY AZALEA @IGGYAZALEA It's over for me now. Peppa Pig Official RPPal Peppa Pig My First Album is available to stream this Friday! Are My Fi your little ones excited? You can already listen to Bing Bong Zoo Albu NOW! @peppapig 0:30 2:27 AM 16 Jul 2019 Peppa Pig Official @peppapig Replying to @IGGYAZALEA Peppa's so fancy, you already know GIF 10:04 AM - 16 Jul 2019 IGGY AZALEA @IGGYAZALEA Collab with me now or you'll end up a breakfast special peppa. @peppapig Peppa Pig Official Replying to @IGGYAZALEA Peppa's so fancy, you already know GIF 12:26 PM 16 Jul 2019

On July 18th, In anticipation of the Peppa Pig's new album, Peppa Pig began trending on Twitter. On July 19th, the Peppa Pig twitter account announced that "Peppa Pig My First Album has finally dropped" (shown below). The tweet garnered over 3,400 likes and 1,200 retweets in a day.


YouTube Videos

On November 15th, 2014, YouTuber Stephen Rattigan uploaded a video titled "Peppa for Adults episode 1," featuring Peppa Pig footage dubbed with expletive-ridden dialogue (shown below, left). In 2016, YouTuber Baby Funny TV uploaded a fan-made video titled "#Peppa pig #Dental #Cry #Afraid #Story #Nursery Rhymes Lyrics #Kids," in which Peppa visits a dentist who uses a variety of frightening tools on her, causing her to cry. The original YouTube channel has since been removed, but mirrored versions of the video have been reuploaded (shown below, right).

On March 16th, 2017, the news site The Outline[2] published an article titled "YouTube Has a Fake Peppa Pig Problem," in which the author complained about her child discovering the Baby Funny TV video. On March 27th, the BBC Trending YouTube channel uploaded a video titled "The disturbing YouTube videos that are tricking children" (shown below).

On March 31st, The Sun[3] published an interview with YouTuber Stephen Rattigan, who blamed parents giving their children access to iPhones and iPads for exposing their kids to upsetting content. On April 16th, 2017, Redditor trueBlue1074 submitted a post asking about the YouTube videos to /r/OutOfTheLoop.[1]


In February 2019, rumors began circulating that the character Momo was being maliciously edited into in Peppa Pig videos on YouTube. On February 27th, The Daily Dot[5] published an statement from YouTube, in which they denied receiving any "recent evidence" or videos promoting the suicide game on the platform:

"Contrary to press reports, we’ve not received any recent evidence of videos showing or promoting the Momo challenge on YouTube. Content of this kind would be in violation of our policies and removed immediately."

Peppa Pig Hanging Up

Peppa Pig Hanging Up, also known as Peppa Hangs Up the Phone, is a scene from the Peppa Pig episode "Whistling", which is often used online as a reaction image.

Peppa Pig "Grown Up Music" Parodies

Peppa Pig “Grown Up Music” Videos are edited versions of a clip from the children’s show Peppa Pig, in which music played over a radio in the cartoon is replaced with other music, usually of a coarse or bizarre nature.

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Ryumaru Borike
Ryumaru Borike

The only reason I've heard of this before is because of Caddicarus, and he sums up my thoughts on it pretty well.

tl:dw Be a fucking parent, don't let your kid loose on the internet then be surprised when they find Peppa Pig Porn. making sure your kid doesn't find adult stuff is your job, not the rest of the worlds, and If you have to be a shitty parent, at least have the god damn sense to use the fucking TV.

This meme gets slaughtered.


I agree with Caddy.

It's the parent's job to make sure what their children are watching is the legitimate thing. If you're going to let some shitty, badly-written children's show babysit your kids for an hour or two, at least make sure they're watching it on the OFFICIAL Peppa Pig Youtube channel. Youtube is getting blamed for the parent's mistake, and the parents need to do a better job at filtering what their kid sees (granted, Youtube should at least do a better job at filtering the content that appears on their "Youtube Kids" service, considering some of these compilations were foolishly put on that service, but the blame should be on the parents for doing a shitty job at policing what their kids watch).
Better yet, don't let your kid roam freely on the internet. You're practically begging for potential issues if kids are left to their own devices.


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