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What Are Your Icks? and What Are Y'all Icks? refer to Twitter posts that ask users to share aspects of their hobbies and fandoms which they find off-putting. Appearing on Twitter since 2020 following the online popularization of the term "The Ick," the trend achieved virality in December 2022 when it sparked numerous viral debates among various communities.


In 2020, following the popularization of the slang term "The Ick," used to describe the moment someone notices or pictures an aspect of someone or something that makes them off-putting, "ick" threads started appearing online, primarily on Twitter. In the threads, users inquired what parts of fandoms and hobbies constituted "the ick" for them. For example, on October 16th, 2020, Twitter user @JavonReal2 posted a tweet[1] inquiring about others' gym icks, which gained 90 retweets and 300 likes in two years (shown below).

EyeStar JAVON NEW ACCOUNT !! @JavonReal2 What gives you gym icks? I'll start. People that can't bench over 100kg 11:48 AM Oct 16, 2020


Prior to the format going viral in December 2022, several "ick" threads were posted online, including threads about dating icks,[2] football icks[3] and job icks (examples shown below, left and center). For example, a thread about icks when joining a new company launched by Twitter[4] user @ccieby30 on November 29th, 2022, gained over 300 retweets and 3,000 likes in one month (shown below, right).

Shabina @ketengahketepi What are your dating icks? 6:45 AM May 24, 2022 KALYJAY @gyaigyimii What are your icks in football 5:50 PM Nov 27, 2022 from Accra, Ghana Deirra | ccieby30.com @ccieby30 Techies, what are your icks when joining a new company? Me: They use MS Teams 10:34 AM Nov 29, 2022

The format achieved widespread participation on Twitter in late December 2022, when several "ick" threads, most notably about artist icks, music icks and video game icks, went viral. For example, on December 28th, 2022, Twitter[5] user @butchjpg made a post about artist icks that garnered over 1,200 retweets, 15,900 quote tweets and 23,800 likes in one week (shown below, left; viral responses shown below, left and right).

muffy no they ✩ comms open 1/5 @butchjpg so.... what are yalls artist icks PC Arti 8:34 PM Dec 28, 2022 PCA ... Personal Care TikT @queenak AirshipLady @memegeneratooor Gears that drawn in wrong way W--?? muffy so.... what are yalls artist icks Show this thread This s--- won't spin no they ☆ comms open 1/5 @butchjpg · Dec 28, 2022 . ... This Why WHY Sharjo @Sharjamon muffy so.... what are yalls artist icks Show this thread no they ☆ comms open 1/5 @butchjpg · Dec 28, 2022 :

The format maintained its popularity online in early January 2022, itself becoming a subject of discussions and memes.

Various Examples

"What are y'alls icks?" ان svein @SOOUOo What are y'all's cannibalism icks? Dancel ALLOON 12:50 AM Jan 2, 2023 : Marcus CEO of Teen Titans @y2kmarcus_ what are y'all’s comic book icks? h 3:18 PM Jan 2, 2023
TRY Mat @MatttGFX *youtube reviewer voice* "yeah this [Single-Player Videogame] is great, but the community (which you do not have to interact with) is weird and bad so I will argue that the game is also weird and bad as a result" XSafranX representative of the Emiya co... @sylver_ar... • Jan 1 What are y'alls video game icks? Show this thread this pink @nasty_pink Q+ f X STOP DOING THIS S--- ... I will now buy your game muffy no they ☆ comms open 1/5 @butchjpg · Dec 28, 2022 so.... what are yalls artist icks Show this thread MOTH @mothpot_ when u keep failing the level and you have to rewatch the same long ass cutscene over and over again. XSafranX representative of the Emiya commun... @sylver_arch... - Jan 1 What are y'alls video game icks? Show this thread 11:40 PM Jan 1, 2023

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