Meme Scholar Makes Horrifying Discovery That 'Confused Math Lady' Has Been 'Loss' All Along

January 15th, 2021 - 1:57 PM EST by Adam Downer

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confused math lady loss

It's been some time since Loss had its latest resurgence, but a recent discovery by Twitter user @JkScruf has flipped meme history on its head: the Confused Math Lady meme, most popular in 2016 and 2017, has been a hub of Loss edits for years.

While the meme originally was not a Loss edit, at some point in the meme's development, a variation on the template which put the image's equations in the classic Loss pattern became the defacto meme for variations in the future.

A quick look at our image gallery for Confused Math Lady confirms that multiple Loss edits have been posted across social media by people with no idea of the layers to their meme.

text math lady mom born math lady directions math lady

JkScruf ended his thread by concluding that whoever created the first Loss edit of Confused Math Lady did it so well that "the entire internet fell for it and no one was the wiser."

Naturally, this revelation ruined the days of all who saw it.

Hats off to the memer who pulled this off. They may be the greatest Loss poster of all time.

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