Conservative Threatens Twitter With Good Time, Describing Women's Sports As 'Breeding Ground For Aggressive Lesbians'

October 9th, 2023 - 4:37 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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A scene from the movie "Bend It Like Beckham" alongside the "aggressive lesbians" tweet that went viral in recent days.

Many folks who before this week had little interest in women's sports apparently had their interest piqued after coming across a tweet from a conservative woman who vowed she would never let her daughters play sports because women's sports are a "breeding ground for aggressive lesbians."

For many, this read less like a warning and more like a hot tip on where to find eligible queer babes as the tweet went viral over the weekend.

Harmonized Grace's warning about women's sports.

Twitter / X user @HarmonizedGrace, aka "Patriarchy Hannah," is a conservative mother of 13 and supporter of the patriarchy (according to her own words). On Friday, she was discussing why women should not participate in sports, showing an image of a severely injured female MMA fighter and writing, "I don't have any interest in defending a woman's 'right' to do this to herself. Like, absolutely none." Later, she added she would forbid her daughters from participating in sports for fear of the aggressive lesbians.

The tweet saw some modest spread until it was reposted by @Hannahposted (no relation to the OP) on Sunday night, going viral over the following day. Many online voiced their enthusiasm to visit the supposed breeding ground for "aggressive lesbians."

Don't threaten me with a good time. Romantic intrigue in women's sports. Too hot, blacked out tweet.

Furthermore, it seems Patriarchy Hannah's tweet was a highly effective recruitment tool, as several women on Twitter suddenly became very interested in getting into women's sports.

How do I get into women's sports?

While it may be an unfair characterization to say that women's sports are a "breeding ground" for aggressive lesbians, there are several high-profile lesbians in women's sports, and the eye test suggests that homosexuality is more common in women's sports than in men.

For example, there were 87 openly gay players who participated in the most recent Women's World Cup. There were zero "out" players in the recent Men's World Cup.

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