Fox News' Greg Gutfeld Promoted 100 Gecs And Death Grips On Live TV, Confusing Social Media

May 15th, 2023 - 1:26 PM EDT by Owen Carry

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Fox News Greg Gutfeld and 100 gecs Band

Fox News and trendy, internet music might not seem to go hand-in-hand, however, Greg Gutfeld of The Five recently name-dropped electronic, hyperpop duo 100 gecs live on TV, additionally including Death Grips in the shoutout.

The discourse first started in late March 2023, when a TikToker posted a recording of a then-recent broadcast of The Five in which during a transition, 100 gecs' song "The Most Wanted Person In the United States" played.

@lilgaryshort I Heard that shit from the other room and lost it #100gecs #10000gecs #hyperpop @100gecs ♬ The Most Wanted Person In The United States – 100 gecs

The video's poster relayed their theory on why the song was used, imagining a rogue intern responsible for 100 gecs' seemingly strange appearance. However, many people in the video's comment section stated that The Five member Greg Gutfeld was responsible for the song's playing, referencing Gutfeld's precursor show Red Eye in which he hosted a plethora of bands and musicians handpicked by himself. This fact actually checked out with publications like The Dallas Observer calling Gutfeld, "Fox News’ in-house music aficionado."

The fact further checked out earlier this week when another recording of The Five was uploaded to TikTok in which Gutfeld told his audience and other co-hosts to check out 100 gecs, calling them, "The Beach Boys meets Zappa," and calling 100 gecs "probably the best new band." As he continued, he also referenced the experimental group Death Grips as another band to check out.

@lilgaryshort Gutfeld is gecced and noided @Gary Short #100gecs #10000gecs #deathgrips #hyperpop @100 gecs ♬ original sound – Gary Short

The TikTok video was soon reposted to Twitter where fans of 100 gecs, as well as general internet users aware of the band, weighed in on the juxtaposition between Fox News' historically right-leaning perspectives and the seemingly left-leaning aesthetics and sound of 100 gecs. Many also highlighted the band's association with LGBTQ+, furthering the discourse and memes about the juxtaposition.

fox news 100 gecs

fox news 100 gecs

fox news 100 gecs

fox news 100 gecs

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