President Joe Biden Stands In Awe During Juneteenth White House Concert, Invites Memes And Scrutiny

June 11th, 2024 - 2:04 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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Joe Biden at the 2024 Juneteenth event appearing frozen in awe and a tweet about the viral video.

President Joe Biden, 81 years old, seemed to have a great time at a White House Juneteenth event yesterday, as the event featured a concert that included singers Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle, as well as many other famous Black musicians.

However, the literal headline story on social media about the event concerns a minute-long clip in which Biden is filmed watching the concert, smiling but not moving as Vice President Kamala Harris, actor Billy Porter and others dance around him.

Concerns about Biden's age have dogged his reelection campaign, as critics wonder if he is still mentally fit enough to do the job.

The clip provided some of his harsher critics with fodder for criticism and jokes, as they interpreted Biden's stillness as the President mentally dissociating for a few moments.

The narrative comes amid a week of Biden's critics characterizing clips of the President as signs he is too old for the job. Last week, a video of Biden bending over in France during a D-Day memorial sparked jokes that he was soiling himself, though in that case, it seemed like he was merely going to sit down.

Though his critics cast the clip as a sign of Biden not being "all there" during the event, more neutral parties still found the clip amusing and used it in memes.

With several months into the election, this will almost certainly not be the last viral video of President Biden appearing to have a "senior moment."

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