Joe Biden at the Normandy ceremony, crouching down in the viral video.

President Joe Biden Pooping Himself At Normandy Allegations

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President Joe Biden Pooping Himself At Normandy Allegations refers to a viral debate and video in which some, largely right-wing commentators online, interpreted a video clip of President Joe Biden briefly crouching down before finding his way to a chair at an official speech in Normandy, France for the anniversary of D-Day in 2024 as the President soiling himself. Users argued that Biden was pooping his pants during the moment in question, but later footage of the video appeared to show that he attempted to sit down before his wife, French President Emmanuel Macron, and Macron's wife Brigitte sat down, as he then did sit down a moment later at the same time as the others onstage with him.


On June 6th, 2024, President Joe Biden appeared alongside the Macrons at a ceremony to honor the anniversary of the D-Day invasion and American service members who participated in the liberation of France during World War II. An edited clip of Biden during the ceremony was posted by the Republican National Committee Research account, a campaign organization related to the GOP, calling it, "Awkward." The post (seen below) earned over 6,500 likes and 3,300 reposts in the course of 10 hours on June 6th.[1]

RNC Research @RNCResearch Awkward 0:03 7:55 AM ⚫ Jun 6, 2024 3.3M Views 1.7K 3.3K 6.5K Σ 置 694 <] ↑ ...

Despite claims and comments from numerous users following the post, it does not appear that Biden actually pooped his pants, since he delivered a full speech subsequent to the moment shown in the video. Also, in the seconds directly following where the RNC Research account cut the footage, Biden does find the chair behind him and sits down along with his wife and the Macrons (seen below).[2]


Shortly after the scene was spread online on June 6th, 2024, many right-wing commentators reposed the video or commented on the post by the RNC, interpreting it as President Biden having a bathroom-related incident due to his movements. For example, X / Twitter user @RubinReport was among the first to comment, just half an hour after the RNC post, earning 15,000 likes in 10 hours (seen below) for asking whether Biden was "pooping" or looking for a chair.[3]

Dave Rubin @RubinReport Pooping or sitting on an invisible chair? 0:08 From RNC Research 8:27 AM Jun 6, 2024 2.1M Views 2.1K 3.2K 15K ☐ 1.1K ↑ <]

Also that same day, political commentator and podcaster Tim Pool was more forthright in declaring that Biden had supposedly pooped himself in a repost from the Daily Caller account (seen below), receiving over 37,000 likes in nine hours.[4]

Tim Pool TIMCAST @Timcast. 9h Oh my god he's pooping DAILY CALLER Daily Caller @DailyCaller ⚫ 10h Biden in France at D-Day commemoration ceremony: 0:02 1.6K 4.4K 37K ılıı 3.8M

Later on June 6th, 2024, X user @realsnoopbailey observed the topic trending on X alongside others and posted a screenshot commenting on that, earning over 1,200 likes in six hours (shown below).[5]

Bailey @realsnoopbailey • 6h What a time to be alive. Top trending: Diaper, Poop, Pooping, Did Joe Biden. Politics Trending Diaper 20.3K posts Trending in United States Pooping 14.2K posts Politics Trending Pooped 8,453 posts Trending in Political figures Did Joe Biden 17.7K posts 83 405 1.2K Il 121K Σ

Various Examples

ANO AJAC @AJA_Cortes 8h President Biden just pooped himself. This is the exact same motion my toddler makes Too bad it was onstage at the D-Day Ceremony in Normandy 0:11 From Breaking911 257 1 609 3.1K 551K Nick Sortor @nicksortor. 10h What the hell is going on here?? Did Biden just sht himself on stage?! 0:05 From RNC Research Q1K 2.9K 12K ill 5.3M Viva Frei @thevivafrei • 8h Found of the clip in context. I was almost exactly right... There is a chair behind him. He was going to sit and it seems Jill was telling him it's not quite time to sit yet. Sorry, peeps, nope, he's not pooping himself. 0:05 Viva Frei @thevivafrei • 8h He clearly thinks there's a chair there, and his elder-abuser - err... I mean wife - is discretely trying to tell him there's not chair there. When the Deep State no longer has a use for him, he will be discarded and replaced.

Phil Labonte @philthatremains .7h "Joe, did you poop?” From RNC Research 120 置 1790 1K ılı 34K 1 0 DAYS WITHOUT BIDEN S------- HIMSELF LIVE ON TV @SILENTMEMEJORITY Ben Shapiro @benshapiro .7h W-- is even happening here RNC Research Awkward @RNCResearch • 10h 0:02 / 0:12 * 2.2K 1.4K 14K ili 1.5M STIVIS TED ST UNITE K

Do the Biden

Do the Biden is a purported dance trend inspired by the video of U.S. President Joe Biden allegedly defecating in his pants while at a 2024 event recognizing the anniversary of D-Day. The trend has one person filming say to another, "Do the Biden," followed by the participant half-squatting, mimicking the pose that Biden struck at the Normandy event that some people alleged was him soiling himself. Videos of people taking part in the trend began to spread online in early June 2024.

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The same way I didn't take these kinds of allegations about Trump to face value, I won't do it for Biden neither. Despite disliking them both.

But for fucks sake are people really devolving to this? arguing over which candidate poop himself more?


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