Logan Paul Says He's 'Figured Out The Universe,' But Many Aren't Quite So Sure About His Discovery

February 6th, 2023 - 3:35 PM EST by Adam Downer

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logan paul brain blast meme and tweet.

To paraphrase Eric Wareheim, it's really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really fun to think about the universe. This is what Logan Paul apparently discovered to be true when he claimed to have "figured out" the universe and shared his discovery with the ignorant masses on Twitter yesterday afternoon.

There are many stray scrawlings on the notepad with which the YouTuber, professional wrestler and alleged crypto scammer mapped out his theory of the universe. Key points include "sphere/circle=GOD shape (celestial bodies)," "universe repeats. life is cyclical. we become the apple (again)" and his conclusion, "nothing matters except the time we have NOW and each other. LOVE! (a force of attraction, similar to gravity…)."

While it certainly sounds like Paul was eager to share the secrets of the universe he'd unlocked, some noted that his musings were not particularly original. In fact, they line up fairly closely with the century-old Cyclic Model of universe creation, albeit with some extra tidbits about love and God thrown into the mix. The Cyclic Model proposes that the universe is in a constant state of expanding (out of a "Big Bang") and contracting (towards a "Big Crunch") and has been considered since the 1920s.

Much of social media was seemingly unimpressed by Paul's revelations, not so much because he was regurgitating points understood by theoretical physicists for a hundred years, but because his scrawlings perceivably read more like those of a teenager "trying psychedelics for the first time."

Furthermore, a note posted with the caption "I figured out the universe" is ripe to become a meme template, and parodies of Paul's deep thoughts soon followed.

It seems Paul will need to return to the drawing board if he wants to impress some on social media with his thoughts on the meaning of life, but considering his developing career in contact sports, a few seemed unoptimistic that his theories will improve.

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