Microsoft Announcing 'Call Of Duty' On Nintendo Consoles Leads To Clowning Memes About The Switch's Graphics

February 21st, 2023 - 5:57 PM EST by Brandon Wink

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Switch on fire cod meme.

Earlier today, Microsoft announced the unexpected news that it had agreed to a 10-year deal with Nintendo that would see many of the company's games (with Call Of Duty mentioned by name) confirmed for future releases on Nintendo consoles like the Switch.

While this itself was a monumental step in gaming, at least in terms of the ongoing console wars and exclusivity, it aligns with recent trends seeing game companies slowly allowing crossplay and ports years after initial release.

Additionally, it was later confirmed that these would be same-day releases of CoD, with the same amount of content on both systems being available on the same day. Word of the cross-competitor console support quickly spread on social media throughout the day as coverage flooded in.

While many memes were being made about the deal and how this sets up Sony against the world of gaming, many took the time to take pot shots at Nintendo and the Switch by saying there's no way the handheld console can run any of the modern CoD games.

This led to people posting broken videos to show how the graphics are going to look on the system, as well as videos of things exploding and loud abrasive music and screaming happening in the background to simulate the true experience of playing with "Switch kids."

As noted by others online, it's worth keeping in mind that the 10-year deal here will likely last through whatever console Nintendo comes up with in the following years as a successor to the Switch.

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