President Trump Shares 'Coffin Dance Meme' On Facebook Depicting Biden's Campaign

May 26th, 2020 - 2:50 PM EDT by Zach Sweat

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President Trump Shares Coffin Dance Meme of Biden Campaign

On Tuesday morning, President Trump posted a video to his Facebook account depicting a familiar face in the meme world. The 38-second clip begins by showing the famous Ghanian pallbearers from the Coffin Dance meme, complete with the song “Astronomia” in the background, and transitions to Vice President Biden’s recent appearance on The Breakfast Club and his infamous “you ain't black” comment, which has since sparked controversy as a political blunder.

Making use of the popular meme, the clip places Biden’s campaign logo over the top of the coffin during the dance, portraying it as dead following the VP’s statement, “Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” in last week's interview with Charlamagne tha God.

Since being uploaded on May 26th, the video has already been viewed over 3.6 million times on Facebook with 233,000 likes, 70,000 shares and 55,000 comments, as well as being covered by several news outlets.

Comments from various Facebook users on the post range from a mix of supporters to detractors and several who simply found the meme humorous. Facebook user Frank Prediletto uploaded a reaction GIF with the caption, “I’ll allow it,” alongside his comment, “I never thought there would be a president who would send something out like this but man is it entertaining.”

Later, Facebook user Joshua Waterman added, “Joe Biden apologized for his comments, which he realized were out of line. Because that’s what a leader does-- take responsibility and apologize for his inappropriate actions.” Supporters mostly praised the meme, commenting and expressing their admiration for Trump having a sense of humor and being relatable, like Gina Marie Kiehl, who said, “Say what you want, but I love that this President acts like a human being and not a political robot …”

News coverage of the presidential meme followed shortly after, such as an article from Yahoo News stating, “Trump shares disturbing meme of Biden's campaign in a coffin.” Indy100, part of The Independent newspaper, similarly described it as “despicable.”

On Twitter, the video also began spreading on the platform, with user JuddLegum sharing it along with the caption, “Trump just posted an insane video on Facebook featuring Joe Biden in a coffin.” Twitter user CalebJHull was quick to point out that “It's a meme. You can't be this dense.”

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Here's what I gather from all this: trump posts coffin dance about biden's campaign. left-wing media misconstrue it as a death threat to biden. some theorize that it was a suggestion by trump's campaign, so that left-wing media would snap up the worst possible interpretation. I don't have anything to say about all that. What I can say is this.

Keep my meems away from y'all's politics.

King Crimson
King Crimson

It was a dumb comment on Biden's part but if 2016 proved anything it's that people don't really care anymore what dumb shit their candidate says. They might get upset about it but at the end of the day once people have made up their minds very little is going to change it.


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