Republicans Use AI To Create Anti-Biden Ad, Raising Ethical Questions

April 26th, 2023 - 2:43 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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ai republican joe biden ad

Yesterday, Republicans released an ad created entirely with artificial intelligence artwork and imagery in response to Joe Biden announcing he was running for reelection in 2024, raising ethical concerns about how the technology will be used in the upcoming election.

The advertisement uses AI-generated images to depict a dystopian future if Biden were to win reelection next year. It also includes audio of newscasters from said future reporting to confirm some of Republicans' worst fears, such as soaring crime rates and immigrants overrunning border patrol.

Of course, nothing in the ad, from the audio to the images shown, has actually happened. On YouTube, the ad's description notes everything is AI-generated and there is a small disclaimer in the top left corner of the screen noting the video's AI origins, but it does seem like those tells could easily be missed by viewers who don't have that context. Other tells include Biden looking just a shade waxier than normal and the occasional look at an AI-generated hand.

ai hands gop ad

Reactions to the ad ranged from concerns over its ethical implications – some critics argued it could herald the use of AI to spread misinformation and propaganda – to criticism that the concept itself was weak, as to some, it appeared Republicans had to literally make things up in order to make a second Biden term look like a threat.

republicans making things up weak ad ai generated

Such critics include DNC executive director Sam Cornale, who opined, "When your operative class has been decimated, and you're following MAGA Republicans off a cliff, I suppose you have no choice but to ask AI to help."

dnc chair ad

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