Social Media Bewildered Upon Discovering Old Clip Of Jordan Peterson Tearing Up While Describing Live Music

March 23rd, 2023 - 11:39 AM EDT by Adam Downer

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Jordan Peterson is known for being moved to tears by what some perceive as generally mundane human experiences, but this week, yet another clip of the psychologist nearly weeping has entered the "Jordan Peterson Crying" canon.

Yesterday, Twitter user @docnoir_ posted a remixed clip from 2022 of Peterson waxing poetic on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast about the time he saw a local band in Nashville play a cover of "Ghost Riders in the Sky." Praising the group's guitar player, Peterson says he's "dancing on the edge of chaos and order."

"Everyone is so … taken by that, it lifts the mode of the normality of their existence," Peterson said, appearing to repress a sob. "They see this joy just transfuse them because they got an intimation of genuine meaning."

Luckily, multiple videos of the performance Peterson described exist, both on Mikhaila Peterson's Instagram and on YouTube.

While much of social media found Peterson's intense emotional response to a decent Nashville bar band humorously over-the-top, even some of his harshest critics conceded they were happy the guy had a regular human experience.

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While not every band would celebrate the endorsement of a figure as divisive as Peterson, Kelley's Heroes, the band who moved Peterson to tears, seems to have taken it in stride. The act thanked Peterson for the shoutout on its Instagram page.

To this day, many commenters on their social media account say they discovered the band through Peterson's endorsement, along with jokes about how they play on the edge of chaos and order.

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