'Street Fighter VI' Has A New Chun-Li Design, And Judging From Memes, Many Seem To Love It

June 3rd, 2022 - 11:18 AM EDT by Brandon Wink

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Chun Li street fighter 6 redesign meme.

In Sony's summer "State of Play" livestream, one video game was unexpectedly revealed that got the blood racing in every Evo fan: Street Fighter VI. The Street Fighter series has been a mainstay in fighting games, with many characters themselves being recognizable outside of the fighting game circuit.

Perhaps most notable among the Street Fighter roster is Chun-Li, the female powerhouse who's half of the infamous Evo Moment 37 clip. Chun-Li was featured prominently in the game, likely as a nod from the developers that they recognize what the fans want.

In the trailer, Chun-Li appears to be sparring with a younger female, who many fans are convinced is Li-Fen, a young child whom Chun-Li adopted in an earlier game. This adds a depth of character to Chun-Li, who herself was quite young in the first Street Fighter, and proves that the new design is because Chun-Li is older.

With a new design for an older Chun-Li also comes a new voice, as series regular Laura Bailey was swapped out as the voice actor of Chun-Li with Jennie Kwan, who voice acts for the character Suki in Avatar the last Airbender (who is a female warrior herself).

As to be expected, the majority of fan gossip about Chun-Li's new design was her "figure," which seems to have been granted its own independent physics this time around, as well as many noting the subtle difference in her thighs from previous iterations to this one.

Due to the more cinematic nature of this game over other ones, people have already begun to take screenshots of their favorite moments that accentuate her physique or meme various aspects of her redesign.

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