Do Male Interactions Always Carry A Threat Of Violence? Twitter Debates

April 19th, 2023 - 2:02 PM EDT by Aidan Walker

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Two men arguing, a Twitter post that went viral.

Arguing about men, maleness and violence is arguably one of Twitter's biggest preoccupations. In memes overall, there are many examples of this from over the years.

The post that started it this time around was tweeted out on Sunday night by Twitter user @TweetsByBritt, who posed a pretty wild theory and asked men to confirm if it was true.

The tweet by @TweetsByBritt (a user with roughly 18,500 followers) earned many more retweets and quote tweets than likes, also known as "the ratio," suggesting that people were more interested in dunking on it or posting their hot takes than agreeing with it.

Almost immediately, many posters shot back with their own ideas about what "male interactions" entail. Often, these sort of try to flip the script and bring up a version of masculinity that is less about fighting and more about just being weird.

The original poster continued talking in the replies about the differences between men and women. She highlighted how the male experience mystified her, and then asked an expert, tagging the notorious Jordan Peterson and soliciting his advice.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Peterson had not responded to the tweet.

A great number of people pushed back against the question itself, arguing that it showed a troubling and unrealistic view of violence.

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