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Created By Brad • Updated 6 years ago

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Linda Ann This is Bill. Bill thinks he's an authoritarian on what should be posted on a ridiculous website, anyway. Bill should mind his own business and not care about what others post. Don't be like Bill. Be yourself Like Reply 21 19 hours ago Hide 16 Replies Nathan Renwick This is Linda. Linda thinks that her criticism is worth anyone's time. Linda should keep such comments to herself and be like Bill. Linda should get off what is 'a ridiculous website anyway'. Don't be like Linda. Be like Bill Like Reply 12.18 hours ago Linda Ann This is Nathan. Nathan thinks that an opinion on someone's page is worth any s---. Nathan doesn't realize that to offend me, I would first have to value Nathan's opinion. Nathan believes that we should actually be like someone else, even though this is a satirical page. Nathan should be an individual, not a copycat of Bill. Be yourself. Like Reply 3 18 hours ago Edited Nathan Renwick Wasn't trying to offend you, wouldn't waste my time. I literally only just found out about this page, saw your comment and thought i'd try be funny.. Like Reply 17 hours ago
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