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Be Like Bill is an exploitable stick figure illustration of a man named "Bill" using a desktop computer, accompanied by a parable praising Bill's choice to simply carry on after being provoked by a trigger while browsing the Internet. Since its emergence through English-language humor websites in late 2015, the single-pane comic has gone globally viral and spawned a large volume of derivative illustrations with similar messages highlighting other socially intelligent behaviors on the web and in real life.


The origin of the drawing is unknown, but it began showing up on forums like Funnyjunk[1] and Reddit[2] in October of 2015. The earliest instance of the image was in English, and was meant as an ironic jab at social justice warriors.

Bill is on the internet Bill sees something that offends him Bill moves on. Bill is smart. Be like Bill.


On March 30th, 2010, JoyReactor user Anon uploaded a stick figure illustration of a character named "Tim" and a public service announcement (PSA) message praising his indifferent reaction to seeing offensive content while browsing the Internet.

Your intelligence. Tim is on the internet. He sees something that offends him, but he ignores it and moves on with his life. Good move, Tim Not being a Super simple stuff Team Rocket Grunt

In September 2011, this particular style of illustrations went viral with the launch of Australia's Queensland Rail PSA posters designed to educate the public on passenger etiquettes, which quickly became a subject of dozens of parodies (shown below).

Your sofety Jade is a t----------. She keeps her bag on her lap to hide her raging erection. Good thinking Jade. 0 Train etiquette. Super simple stuff. QueenslandRal Sam was thinking of jumping in front of the oncoming train today. Your time Then he decided not to, because it would inconvenience people on their way to work Good thinking Sam. Train etiquette. Super simple stuff. QueenslandRail Your karma Adam is a Redditor. He thought the QueenslandRail meme was funny a couple of times, but he doesn't make another one Good move, Adam. Reddiquette. Super simple stuff. reddit


On December 21st, 2015, an Italian Facebook page was created called Sii come Bill (Be like Bill).[3] The page, devoted to posted Italian version of the Be Like Bill meme, has received more than 226,000 likes in less than three weeks. A Spanish-language page, called Sé como José, was launched on January 2nd, and in less than four days has received more than 405,000 followers. Sé como José has received the most attention in the Spanish-speaking press, who have deemed it one of the first "virales" (memes) of 2016. In an interview with BuzzFeed, the anonymous administrator of the Spanish-speaking page said he decided to translate the Bill meme from Italian after seeing its popularity there.

Various Examples

Bill si sta scambiando molti messaggi divertenti con i suoi amici. Nonostante cio, Bill non fa undo screenshot della conversazione per pubblicarla su facebook perché sa che non importerebbe a nessuno. Bill è intelligente. Sii come Bill a su facebook Bill legge che nel 2017 verrà regalata una Mercedes ad ogni immigrato. Bill vede che il sito che ha pubblicato la notizia è:" Bill ignora il post. Bill è intelligente. Sii come Bill Bill gioca ai videogiochi sul suo PC. Bill ritiene che il computer sia superiore a qualunque console. Nonostante cio, Bill non passa le sue giornate a convincere chi preferisce giocare su console, perché sa che ognuno la pensa in modo diverso. Bill è intelligente. Sii come Bill José está usando Whatsapp Está intercambiando mensajes divertidos con sus amigos Sin embargo , José no hace capturas de pantalla de sus conversaciones para publicarlas en Facebook , porque sabe que a nadie le importará José es inteligente Sé Como José José está en Facebook Afuera esta lloviendo José no publica estado como "Que lluvia" , porque sabe que todos tienen una ventana y no tienen cesidad de sus reportes climatológicos José es inteligente Sé como José José está yendo al gimnasio José quiere estar en forma este año Pero José no sube selfies mientras hace ejercicio y no escribe frases como: "No Pain , no Gain" José es inteligente Sé Como José
Top row: Italian examples. Bottom row: Spanish examples, some of which are translations of the Italian examples.

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