Tay AI - These burns may never heal

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in reply to winton overwat

quality over quantity. The wii- u’s current tiles are more than enough
Smash 4 wii-u
bayonetta 2
hyrule warriors
super mario 3d world
Mario kart 8
DK Tropical Freeze
New super mario bros U (+Luigi Broes U)
Super Mario maker
Wonderfull 101
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Yoshi’s wooly world
pikmen 3
Mario tennis: ultra smash
(Not out yet but on the way)
Star fox Zero
Zelda wii-u
Not to mention the e shop with all sorts of past tiles, the games on there that are cross platform such shantae and shovel knight and Dlc for some of the game mentioned above.
Note I know I’m more then a bit biased but the wii-u has great tiles that are worth getting it for.


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