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A meta-analysis1 of 57 studies? of sex differences in general population samples showed that males obtain higher means from the age of 15 through to old age. Among adults, the male advantage is 5 IQ points. The scientists wrote: "[From] 15 years onwards [.] males consistently obtain higher means than females and all of these differences are statistically significant" and "The advantage of boys begins to appear at the age of 14 and increases in size among adults. A graphical representation of the meta-analysis: Adult lQ Distribution in the Raven Progressive Matrices Female Male 2x more mentally retarded females than males 2x more males than females at IQ 130 approx. 15x more males than females a 145+ -4 .3 -2 -1 2 40 55 70 85 100 115 130 145 160 36 52 68 84 100 116 132 148 164 0.003 0.135 2.275 15.866 50.000 84.134 97.725 99.865 99.997 STANDARD DEVIATIONS WECHSLER I STANFORD-BINET I CUMULATIVE PERCENTAGE A meta-analysis of 15 studiest of child samples on the Colored Progressive Matrices showed that among children aged 5-11 years boys have an advantage of 3.2 IQ points. Paul Cooijmans5 writes "In the high range, my own observation to date is that at or above the 98th percentile [Top 2%, IQ 130-1 there are about twice more males than females, while at or above the 99.9th percentile [Top 0.1%, IQ 145+] there are about 15 times more males." A survey' of 1142 women found that 37% were willing to swap their IQ in order to be their ideal dress size. And 41% would rather have bigger breasts than a high IQ "Sex differences on the progressive matrices: A meta-analysis" by Richard Lynn and Paul Irwing, University of Ulster University of Manchester 257 studies, 31 countries, 195 tests,80928 participants. 15 studies, 11 countries, 42 tests, 60168 participants Founder of six I.Q, societies,administrator of "The Glia Society" and "The Giga Society",constructor of high-range mental tests creator of the world's hardest I.Q, test MyVoucherCodes (UK) survey, 1142 women aged 18-25, conducted during National Eating Disorder Week B-But all my female primaryschool teachers told me that women' are as intelligent as men. Now l am confused. Does that mean lcan't become the most cutest brain'surgeon anymore?
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