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Bill-Stan, Gaijin Supreme
Bill-Stan, Gaijin Supreme

in reply to Shadow Monkey

"Person of Color" (What PoC stands for) means "any racial or ethnic minority within a given country." For example, black people are a racial minority in the U.S.A., which would make them American PoCs.

…Or, at least, that's what it should mean. But, alas, instead, Tumblr and Twitter has re-appropriated the term to mean "anyone who isn't white, regardless of majority/minority," because MUH OPPRESSION. So, because of this new definition, which is sadly becoming the mainstream definition, this means that there can be entire countries full of PoCs, despite the fact that the original definition literally meant "minority." I don't know why it's this way, and I don't want it to be this way, but hey, what can you do.


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