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Emperor Wahs!
Emperor Wahs!

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Bears kill roughly one person per year in the United States. I say roughly, because technically it’s less than one, as there are plenty of years that go by without anyone being killed by a bear.

A majority of bear deaths happen in the wilderness, with only a handful having happened within human occupied areas.

The threat to US school age youths from bears is smaller than negligible, DeVos’s comment was idiotic.

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logistically speaking, top schools dont have the space to take in everyone. so who do you keep out?

intelligence tests? so people with money for private classes and tutors aka the rich will have an advantage, not to mention those tests are not all that reliable and someone who does poorly one one could do very well on another.

a lottery? you are really willing to let whether or not your future kids get a good education depend on if they pulled the right numbers?

you know what is a better option? the government doing everything it can to make sure every public school is a quality option for a school, so every kid has a real chance.


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