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Alien Controller
Alien Controller

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Yeah, there'll be secret underground labs studying the maximum potential of autism and ways to boost autism levels. And then there'll be a splinter faction that wants to kill all autistics and cure autism because no man should ever have that kind of power.

It turns out that autism is the key to unlocking the brain's maximum potential at the cost of being socially functional. They can spend their time cracking a puzzle or trailing someone down to a point where most people would have given up already (while screeching autistically whenver things go wrong, but they get the job done in the end).

Since they're now killing machines who don't need no social interaction, autists will become super soldiers that regular, mentally-well soldiers are jealous of. And when the war is over, there'll either be no autists left or the world will be run by the power of autism.

Tom Clancy should write a novel about that.


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