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Astatine, Resident Hijab Enthusiast
Astatine, Resident Hijab Enthusiast

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He made a statement streamlining the essence of what he wanted to get at in the first place.

Furthermore, Jon didn't work for pay. He didn't work. He made a contribution-- a cameo, if you would, presumably for free. And this was something that they let him do two years ago.

His contributions aren't political ramblings-- they're not even in English, or any language for that matter. Would people actually decline to buy the game because of a couple of lines uttered by someone thought of as a white supremacist or what have you? Would it be noteworthy enough that it'd embroil the devs and publishing company in a scandal, even though all of this was started and done long before this controversy?

If he was on his way to making a contribution and they rescinded the offer after this story broke, before they got what they did from him, I'd understand their decision. But now they're removing his voice assets, and they have to do it in a content update.

The worst part is their explanation, particularly when they say that they're all for "diversity in all forms". Even if you honestly believe that Jon's a white supremacist, how is "diversity of ideas" not a form of diversity?

It's all worthless virtue signaling to me-- at least, that becomes my position more and more every time I think about this. It served no purpose, and it caused more problems than it was worth.


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