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Glass of Water
Glass of Water

Unironically Cancer saved this man from Cancer surprisingly making his cancerous growth to have Cancer, killing the Cancer with Cancer instead expect the Cancer kill this man from a cancerous growth expanding Cancer through his body but then it contracted Cancer itself.

Basically, Cancer saved this man from Cancer


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It's most likely fake, I can't find the original article anywhere. I'm no doctor, but from my limited understanding, I suppose that in theory, it's possible. Cancer happen when a cell or bunch of cells fuck up and don't know what they are supposed to do, so they multiply rapidly without stoping, trying to form skin, organs or shit (some can even grow hairs)

So, in theory, this new organ could also develop a tumor that could eventually kill it, or damage it badly. Then again, the chances for it to happen, or if it does to be beneficial for the victim are extremely small, it's not like this guy could go "welp, it's all good now"


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