New Guy - I've received DMs from more than a couple LGBTQ people who have told me that they have gotten hundreds of people dogpiling them them, harassment, doxing and death threats in DMs, for criticizing Oney and Pewdiepie. Just in case you were wondering what N

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"Why are you so willing to believe that they're making it up?"
1. I have an analytical mindset which drives me toward skepticism of the extreme, often to a unhealthy contrarian level.
2. I have had a personal experience where an individual lied to moderators of a Discord server I shared by conflating a previously neutral discussion and claiming it to be a series of heated ones.
3. I have been raised with a hypochondriac of a sister and a culture of fundamentalist propaganda unknowingly and knowingly spread by people I trust.

People are consciously and subconsciously willing to conflate things to support themselves and others they care about. I am fond of Oney and this New Guy meme so I have a hard time associating either with hatefulness. Likewise I think nuances of situations on social media leave room for situations to get conflated unintentionally. Someone using the word "hundreds" instead of "lots" can change the meaning of a situation entirely, as can individuals retelling experiences they heard second-hand.

I don't think those being harassed are all 100% liars, I just have my doubts that the full context is being told, and that the context we do hear is being used by other people as propaganda for a faction rhetoric.


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