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Viuff, The Ancient Waifumancer
Viuff, The Ancient Waifumancer

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I wasn't talking strictly about meat, I mean china is known for pretty much eating anything that isn't human (and I am willing to question if even that isn't a part of their diet sometimes)

and if they didn't have such a large plate, they might become hard pressed to find enough food for their entire population

and don't for a moment think if the majority of the world went vegan, it wouldn't lead to environmental damages
it would, but a different kind than the ones we are currently faced with.

If you don't do crop rotations you destroy the soil, and with the mentality we see towards the mega farms for animals, just imagine the same but with plants, if corporate farms decided to be efficient and only plant mutated vegetables which is capeable of growing all year around and is artificially packed with vitamines
we might see an improvement towards the CO2 in the air, but we would end up with another climate crisis.

Don't get me wrong, i recommend you lower your meat intake and aim for "healthier" kinds of food such as chicken and fish, in a balanced diet, which is the optimal one for a human, meat is not 50%

Eat balanced, stay healthy.

sorry for the sudden rant, I needed to get this off my shoulders.


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