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I am AHO Right?
I am AHO Right?

Mylar is the avatar, the living embodiment of the 21st century's virtual vanity. He fills a role countless others could do better, but is famous just because he was there first. He isn't intentionally pure evil, but he's immensely ignorant and refuses to learn or apologize until things get way out of control. He never directly encourages his cult-like, childish fans to attack others, but he'll never intervene under the false notion that admitting to failure is worse than failing itself. He's an easy 6.5, 7 on a good day, yet horny teenagers treat him like a Greek sex god and make weird fanart shipping him with other real people and at best, he really didn't know she was only 16. He makes perfectly average teens and young adults think they're part of some super secret cool kids club that only the most cultured have access to despite having millions of followers and enough clout to appear in ads and cameo in shows. He's loud, never contemplative. Often angry, never appreciative. Always online, but never has meaningful interaction with fans. He's famous… for purposefully being bad at video games. And he makes more in a couple endorsements than most people will in their entire lives.
Fuck Mylar.


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