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But anyways…
Despite some companies being ridiculously neutered, we still see actually questionable marketing from others.
It doesn't do any good to make a company pander to you.
If their customer base is already on your side, it will just result in
>LGBT people dreading the flood of rainbow-colored marketing
If their customer base is not on your side, it might maybe help somewhat (most likely if they were truly unaware of the issue).
But it can also backfire, causing them to oppose you more strongly, and neutrals opposing you as well.
And we wonder why politics is increasingly polarized?


At the very least video games aren't that infected yet. Sure, there's often a pretty bad, pandering mess being released a few times a year, but it's rather small in comparison. The medium isn't dominated by it and we still get a ton of great games from both AAA and indie markets.

Really, video games are more threatened by garbage publishers tearing apart games for scummy monetary benefit.


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