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Yet again, terminally online Twitter gringos giving away the fact that they have, indeed, never even been to the countries of the people they claim to protect. They would otherwise know that everything relating Mexico's Día de los Muertos is also heavily associated with Halloween imagery and celebration, and they sell Katrina-themed merchandise to foreigners visiting around the time like… well, Halloween candy. Quite literally in some cases. They let people buy kid toys, souvenirs, take photos, etc. – they pretty much share everything about Día de los Muertos with everyone in the world already, which I know simply because me and my family lived the experience firsthand at least twice.

So yes, in short, Katrinas have as much cultural significance as Christmas, as in, sure, the aspect is there, but people treat it more like a holliday prop nowadays and nobody really cares that much about who uses it for what, including commercial purposes. Hell, my dad posed for a photo with a Katrina life-sized prop and literally grabbed her boob for the photo while my mom took the photo as we all laughed, and nobody gave a shit. This should tell you all you need to know about the average Mexican's lack of fucks to give about such nonsense as presented by Miss Offended on Your Behalf here.


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