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Created By Alokp • Updated 6 years ago

「Anonymous 01/24/08(Thu) 19:34 No.2892533 「Anonymous 01/24/08(Thu) 19:44 No.2892640 File 1201221299 ipg-(7 KB, 198x150, ohnoes.jpg) 2892617 DONT BE A P----, TAI! GO GET YOUR WOMAN BACK! Sora: Wow! This is so exciting! People are already lining up for Matt's concert. Biyomon: Don't worry Sora! We'll be sure to get good seats. Especially when you bring him these homemade cookies! Sora: I hope HOS BEFORE BROS! Anonymous 01/24/08(Thu) 19:46 No.2892660 >> Anonymous 01/24/08(Thu) 19:35 No.2892542 File 1201221352 ipg-(7 KB, 201x150, ohnoes2.jpg) Tai: Sora, wait up! Sora: Oh, Tai. [trys to hide the present] Agumon: Something smells good! Gabumon: Matt's busy getting ready, but I'l take 2892533 289254 >>2892554 2892567 >2892574 Of f------ hell. stop bringing up these stupid memories. This s--- never happened those to him. Mmmmm. Biyomon: I bet you will no way! You'll eat the whole thing yourself Gabumon Iresent that! I'm on a diet! >>「Anonymous 01/24/08(Thu) 19:47 No.2892668 File :1201222023.ipg-(13 KB, 150x461, matt ipg) 「Anonymous 01/24/08(Thu) 19:36 No.2892554 File :1201221404 ipg-(7 KB, 198x150, ohnoes3 jpg) Sup bitches Tai: So... umm. Sora? Are you gong to the concert with anybodyImean... not that it matters to me... just wondenng Sora: No, I want to be available in case Matt is free afterwards Tai: [understandingly] Oh. I see... Matt, huh? ora squrms >>「Anonymous 01/24/08(Thu) 19:48 No.2892676 >>「Anonymous 01/24/08(Thu) 19:37 No.2892567 File 1201222094 png-(15 KB, 297x295, 1201097754919 png) File :1201221458.ipg-(8 KB, 200x150, ohnoes4. jpg) 2892668 Ta: It's ok... Sora: You're not mad at me Tai? Tai: No, of course not. Now get in there and say 'hi to Matt for me! Sora: Thanks Tai. Agumon: The least you could do is leave us the cookies! Sora *smiles* I'l tell you what. Il make some special ones just for you. [goes in to see Matt] Anonymous 01/24/08(Thu) 19:50 No.2892700 File 1201222234.ipg-(19 KB, 640x480, 1201062269758. jpg) >> Anonymous 01/24/08(Thu) 19:38 No.2892574 File :1201221498 jpg-(8 KB, 198x150, ohnoes5.jpg) >> 2892668 Tai: I'll be waiting.. . thanks Agumon: You know what Tai? Tai: What? Agumon: You've really grown up 「Anonymous 01/24/08(Thu) 19:38 No.2892579 2892533 289254 2892554 2892567 WAY TO PISS ME THE F--- OFF, DIGIMON!! 「Anonymous 01/24/08(Thu)19:38 No.2892580 File :120 122 1522·ipg-(42 KB. 640x480, 1201100633377·ipg) >28925 >>2892542 >2892 2892567 HAET YOU! Anonymous U1124/US(Ihu)1941 No.Z8y26 1U 2892533 32892542 >>2892554 >2892567 >2892574 I don't even ship but this pisses me off a lot. 「Anonymous 01/24/08(Thu)19:42 No.2892617 2892574 KLL IT KILL IT WITH FIRE Agumon's part of THEM, can't you see? Run after her Tai!
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Matt x Sora


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