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At the risk of hypocrisy damning my soul to the pits of Donut Steel Reddan Blak, I genuinely think Martyred Lady looks the best. I mean we know from Ravenwing and Black Templars that black armor looks cool, but then you augment it with the bright red robes? Mwah, yes please. I love Argent Shroud, the lore, the rules, the "speak softly and just keep fucking shooting until the heretics are fucking dead," but ML just edges them out in looking amazing

Jon the Wizard
Jon the Wizard

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I agree, but at the same time, almost any Sister with any name recognition always comes out of the ML. I like the Sacred Rose ladies myself, if only because I love the idea of these rampaging daemons and CSMs rushing into, like, a never-ending gauntlet of sanctified landmines and defensive encampments, like they're blundering into the Imperial equivalent of the Iron Cage.


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