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1. Shortstacks are exclusively female. I'm not even sure what the male equivalent would be because any mention of a short guy drifts into manlet territory, which is meant as an insult whereas "shortstack" is meant to be a description in the same way calling someone pear-shaped is a description. Teapot and Poundcake are fine, I guess, but you'd need a large enough audience for that kind of guy and I really do not believe lots of people would be into short, big-bootied men with moobs.

2. To be a shortstack the woman must be short and must be stacked. Large breasts, large behind, very short. Yoda's right out and Yaddle only has one of those qualities. The size of breasts and behind aren't exact but they do need to be noticeable (I'd say La Brava's the minimum requirement for a shortstack). Every official image of her I've seen has shown her as being skinny, flat, and without major definition in her breast or hips.


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