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8800 Views Created 2 years ago By Owen • Updated 2 years ago

Created By Owen • Updated 2 years ago

Last night I your sister LOL it took me a while to understand this meme, but it's so fr*cken hilarious once you understand it. The guy with the gun is James Bond, and that version specifically is the 6th James Bond. And the sandwich pictured is the #9 on the McDonald's menu! I'll let you figure this one out for yourself because my grandkids are in the room with me lol Bro! this is cringe! You explained the meme wrong! It's Pierce Brosnan and In n Out Borger! That means... he pierced in and out! LOL! Next time dont be unepic and explain the meme wrong! Hey kids, so I'm Peter's wife, Lois and if you don't understand what "cringe" means, it means looking at something and wanting to look away because it's either gross or despicable, in that context however it's des


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