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Sunsoft Bass
Sunsoft Bass

in reply to Panuru

While I get that both statements can be defended without any contradiction, this represents the bigger picture, people only decided to care about billionaires controlling social media and deciding what we can say on the internet after Elon Musk bought Twitter.

These people spent years saying "It's a private company" to justify their enemies not having space on social media, but only when someone who they don't like buys a major social media website, they go back to hating capitalism, free market and big corporations.

Sunsoft Bass
Sunsoft Bass

While I agree with him on both points, only now those people change their narrative.

Private companies have their own rules, don't like it, go somewhere else, but it doesn't mean we can't complain about the rules and can't complain about billionaires controlling what we can say on the internet, and making your own Twitter or your own YouTube is possible, but not that simple.

Plus, the world is not USA, the excuse that "It's only censorship when government does it" does not apply to countries that have governments that interfered on social media or even took down the entire websites/services.


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