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AHA!! A non-zero percentage of all the people in the world who are against the unethical use of AI sent death threats to someone using AI unethically! Well well well, look how evil these so-called art lovers truly are! CHECKMATE, ARTISTS!!!


Really though, what is this meant to prove? No matter who you are or what you do, there are millions of people in the world who will hate you just for existing. Yes it sucks that some people had such a cruel response, but such things are inevitable, so posting this headline like some kind of "Gotcha!" (making sure to mention that it was a children's book for extra d'aww points) is truly petty and exposes a lack of any more compelling arguments.


Is it going to turn out that by "encouraging self-harm" they actually mean people have just been telling him to kill himself? You know a thing people have doing for close to two decades now on the internet and nobody actually takes seriously.


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