AI Art - Fanartists who hate AI art but appeal to law should reconsider

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1. The nebulous concept of "style" isn't the main issue, so thanks for the strawman
2. Ah yes because gigantic megacorporations like Disney are definitely on the same level as solo indie artists struggling to make ends meet

Ten Shadows
Ten Shadows

in reply to Evilthing

And you are obliged to just keep going with this same old propaganda even when it is, on numerous occasions, proven as a false equivalency in a way you just can't convincingly argue against. Because you've sold your soul to the techbros and corporations for the sake of personal convenience and making things easier for yourself, no matter how little sense it makes, no matter who is hurt in you doing so, and no matter how much it might harm society and culture as a whole.

I can only hope you will not be too badly hurt when the pubble bursts.


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