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344 Views Created about a year ago By Rarto • Updated about a year ago

Created By Rarto • Updated about a year ago

its no ones fault but your own that ur a spineless pick me for cishet bigots that actively want you dead bc youre too chickenshit to let go of antisemitic nostalgia despite knowing better. you being trans doesnt negate your guilt nor make ur voice more valuable than the millions of trans people who dont have their heads up their ass by boycotting the racist slave game gonna say this once and never again. If you buy hogwarts blood libel simulator I DO NOT F------ TRUST YOU. not only are you being blocked, youre being perceived as an active threat to me and i will take no f------ chances. dont buy, don't pirate, goyim f------ listen to us for Once. i dont f------ trust you if you consume this game. end of story. If you play the game genuinely die. If you support jkr and the game team, die. If you defend people playing the game, die. If you think there's nothing wrong with the game or these people, die. You will not be missed. YOU ARE PAYING TO KILL JEWISH AND TRANSGENDER PEOPLE. GO F--- YOURSELF. C) your what about isms are weak and if you really want to play an anti-trans, antisemitic game, you could have just shut up and done it. Your trans friends have already made peace with how little they matter to you.
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Hogwarts Legacy


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A copilation of the most curious responses of tumblr users to this game.

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