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334 Views Created about a year ago By OeperinoOomoro • Updated about a year ago

Created By OeperinoOomoro • Updated about a year ago

marquis de posade @acczibit "So you know how I'm unpopular and considered annoying at best and sinister at worst? What if instead I was popular and well-liked. You would treat me differently then. Let that sink in" Congrats on discovering the concept of popularity Meb Faber ✔ @MebFaber Mar 11 Change "Silicon Valley Bank" to "Kansas Farmers Bank". Replace "tech startups" with "farmers". Replace "MBS" with "farm loans". Do you feel different? If you were calling for "let them fail" are you now screaming "save them?!" Or vice versa. Would any of the tech elite... Show more Show this thread 10:04 PM - Mar 12, 2023 53.3K Views 90 Retweets 3 Quote Tweets 4 marquis de posade @acczibit - 22h Replying to @acczibit I'm guessing part of the shock many techies are experiencing over normies viscerally wanting to see them fail and it actually mattering for the first time is the realization that popularity isn't just a dump stat in real life but can determine whether you get to eat or not 27 22 ♡ 317 13.8K 2 27 marquis de posade @acczibit - 22h The question isn't "why am I being treated differently than farmers" because the obvious answer is that people like farmers and hate you 917 Likes The question is how much longer tech can afford to ignore the popularity issue and completely unopposed decade(s)-long PR meltdown 27 17 ♡ 270 ↑ C 4 marquis de posade @acczibit - 22h A meltdown which occurred while tech was holding all the reins of all modern means of communication, no less 13 소 8,822 را Imagine having every home field advantage in the world and just forfeiting the match because you consider the sport irrational and beneath you O 2 t 8 ♡ 181 ılıl 4,785 1 @acczibit - 22h marquis de posade Techies tend to be the kind of people who wish to leave popularity contests behind in high school, but unfortunately real life is just high school on loop and we've reached the point where participation in the contest is no longer optional 1 188 ↑ ₁5,806 1. marquis de posade @acczibit - 22h We Live In A Society, and you can hole yourself up in your room and avoid the guests for only so long before you inevitably have to come traipsing downstairs and be judged while you get food. Doesn't matter if you're one socially awkward nerd or a million socially awkward nerds. 3 17 6 ❤ 186 ₁6,817 *** ↑ marquis de posade @acczibit - 21h (Note that I'm not speculating on what'll ultimately happen with SVB since it doesn't matter to the point I'm making, the same way an accident does not need to involve fatalities to be a Memento Mori) 22 ♡ 86 ₁4,239 ↑ ***


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