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3510 Views Created about a year ago By J. The Perverted Summoner • Updated 3 months ago

Created By J. The Perverted Summoner • Updated 3 months ago

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Kalashnikov inventor haunted by unbearable pain of dead millions Russian who designed Kalashnikov rifle confessed in final letter of spiritual pain caused by his invention Mikhail Kalashnikov pictured celebrating the 50th anniversary of his eponymous invention in 1997. Photograph: Sipa Press/Rex file.png 471 KB PNG >i have become death, destroyer of worlds : Anonymous 05/02/23(Tue)04:05:12 No.184027397 >My assault rifle......has done what...? : Anonymous 05/02/23(Tue)04:05:19 No.184027403 >people are using my SHOOT people : Anonymous 05/02/23(Tue)04:05:46 No.184027428 >>184027343 (OP) # >gun goes RATATATATA? Anonymous 05/02/23(Tue)04:07:15 No.184027493 >>184027343 (OP) # >guns... kill people?!


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