Twitter / X - "'wholesome' narratives are the backbone of fascist art"

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is this like what was mentioned in the discussion on the k-on fans are racist page

the weird theory is that people who are fascist/racist/moregeneralterm want to remove stuff (minorities or whatever) they see as causing bad things (crime etc), and since wholesome media doesn't have bad things (crime etc), they like those media a lot.

this post goes in an even weirder direction with that, and forgets that people who aren't fascist/racist/etc like wholesome things too.

still a dumb post, but I figured I'd explain the dumb logic I think is behind it since people were confused.

Mr. Watcher
Mr. Watcher

I mean, I can get the idea of things like if news covered something and were like "Look at this wholesome scene here! It will surely brighten up your day!" and ignore every questionable aspect or more important news (like say kids raise money for those who can't eat), but this does not make 'wholesome' in general is bad!

Saying one getting into wholesome stuff and enjoying it is like saying "How can you enjoy this when someone else is suffering!" It's like, you can't save the world if you are depressed yourself. A little cheer, cute stuff, and even wholesome stuff isn't too bad if it is meant to brighten up someone's day at least.


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