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Created By Aidan Walker • Updated 2 months ago

BUSINESS INSIDER Google's Al Overviews being laughed at by CEO of Perplexity 36 minutes ago. Jyoti Mann Forbes Google's Al Overview Appears To Produce Misleading Answers 53 minutes ago. Siladitya Ray QZ Quartz Google's Al overview suggests blinker fluid for cars 4 days ago Rory Carroll salon Google's Al Overview seems to be spewing inaccurate, dangerous answers People Are Baffled by Google's Al Unhinged Pizza Advice Google Al Yesterday Gloria Levine ЭTECHNICA Google's "Al Overview" can give false, misleading, and dangerous answers 1 hour ago Kyle Orland . Guardian Google Al search tool reportedly tells users to jump off a bridge and eat rocks 20 minutes ago. Josh Taylor GIZMODO Glue-Topped Pizza and Zombie Presidents: The Worst Google Al Answers So Far 23 hours ago Matt Novak & Lucas Ropek G 15 hours ago Fax Google Al Overview: Do Al-written answers make the search engine a publisher? 23 hours ago Aw Ohlheiser Google Making Al helpf for everyone Hindustan Times Google's latest 'Al overview' feature showing inaccurate answers? Social media users say this... 34 minutes ago. Vrinda Jain s google search violate antit News Videos Images Al Overview the U.S. Justice Depart The. Guardi THE HINDU Today's Cache | Google Al overviews in search hit with user complaints; Al-generated videos to raise demand for Nvidia chips; Canva expands tools for organisations 18 minutes ago Google Google Search owering our millary NEW YORK POST Google's 'Al Overviews' advises adding glue to pizza sauce, lists 'health benefits' of tobacco for tweens 19 hours ago Thomas Barrabi


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