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788 Views Created 11 years ago By ­­­Alex Mercer • Updated 6 years ago

Created By ­­­Alex Mercer • Updated 6 years ago

Upload Login or regist a gameothrones toonhole 4chan f-------tumblr f-------science funny ponyime feels katawashoujo walkdngdeadtime videogames mocktheweek doctor-who wallpapers All Popular eeds [MC ONLY] GORE ideos ideos Edtor Flag ク ug- thought it was pretty internet-worthy... Maybe could go on Tags: Hand gore not a papercut this was from l a knife I a plastc I Knife Happened to me the other day. bestágore Acom.?:o Seriousy f----- up s---. Views: 15675 Favorited: 3 +274 Funny Junk Submitted: 04129/2012 Add to favorites Subscribe to t Subscribe to morbid-channel E-mail to friend Comments (73): 1 2 3> [73 comments ] Leave a comment Refresh Comments Show. Top Rated Newest Per page20Order. Dese Show 시 Replies, snow Anomymous Comments #3 . youngfearless. 4/29/201 (2 replies) ADMINASKS ent WOULD YOU SHOW THIS TO YOUR MOTHER?- 052 04130 2012 Hate Hide A』 «Fav(0) Reply +10 OP Please die. This is not / OH S--- ITS #11-questionquota 292012) ide Hide Al Fa Reply +7 GIVE US A WARNING BEFORE YOU POST THAT S--- 42920 Hide Hide Reply +7 NO GET THIS S--- OUTOFFCKNG MINID IS SCARRED FOR LFEI ·HERE #39 OH MY GODI YOU SICK BASTARD' WHY WOULD YOU POST THAT?!? 194 22 insainpain (0413020121 1 reply) Reply +6 WATCH OUT HERE C--- THE SPIDER 575-justlikeomtv py4 niogo this some #56-Ped oBearFTW 04 py you sick f---
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